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  • Mini Hexapod

An autonomous Minihexapod robot controlled through a CNN-based CPG chip

This paper deals with the application of a VLSI chip for locomotion control of a mini-hexapod robot. The chip that implements a CPG through a CNN-based structure, has been already used in different bio-inspired structures. The aim of this work is to show the realization of a completely autonomous minilegged robot by means of the VLSI device. Moreover the chip permits the integration of exteroceptive sensors that can be used to close the feedback with the environment implementing simple navigation control strategies. Experimental results obtained in different environmental conditions are reported and discussed.

[1] P.Arena, L. Fortuna, M. Frasca, L. Patanè, M. Pollino, "An autonomous mini-hexapod robot controlled through a CNN-based CPG VLSI chip", to appear in Proc. of CNNA, Instanbul, 2006.

    Mini-hex :
    Uneven terrain
    Obstacle avoidance
    Target Pursuit